Webcam Simulator

Download Webcam Simulator

Simulates a webcam by adding a virtual software camera to your operating system and allows you to use it as a real camera. Without even having a physical webcam, you can play pre-recorded video, photo albums in your favorite IM or video chat software. It can even broadcast one single movie to all the messengers at the same time.

  • Virtual webcam driver: You don’t need to buy a real webcam for live video chat.

  • Fun and Share : share your video clips with family and friends.
Webcam Video Capture

Download Webcam Video Capture

Capture webcams, streaming video, full screen, part of the screen and even video with sound. Seeing is believing! Use Webcam Video Capture to make people witness what you want to convey through an audio-visual medium. There are times when sharing exactly what you see on your screen is the quickest and clearest way to communicate.

  • Capture and Share Anything : Webcam(s), any window, part of the screen or full screen to AVI or WMV video formats.

  • Instruct Others With Quick "How-To" Illustrations : Demonstrate a product, create a presentation with your own audio narration, make a voiceover tutorial, or walk through a website review.
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